Google Ads Search

Today’s blog will look at how you can utilize Google Ads to grow your business and reach the heights that you have always dream about. Grow Your Business with Google Ads Google Ads can help you reach an audience to transform them into customers. Through Google Ads, you get access to a wide range ofContinue reading “Google Ads Search”

Social Customer Relation Management (CRM)

I previously posted a blog on how to effectively advertise on Facebook using the teachings of Megan Adams. This blog goes over another course of hers that illustrates how to use Social Customer Relation Management (CRM) to build your brand. Social CRM pulls data from all social media and conversation platforms to help you engageContinue reading “Social Customer Relation Management (CRM)”

Social Media Marketing: ROI

Today’s blog will look at the LinkedIn course by Carlos Gil titled Social Media Marketing: ROI. In this course, Gil mentions how you can create a content calendar to drive your sales and awareness by making data informed decisions. This includes things such as posting at key times, finding which of your content is performingContinue reading “Social Media Marketing: ROI”

Creating a LinkedIn Profile

The course titled “Learning LinkedIn for Students” by Oliver Schinkten is a great course on how to set up your LinkedIn profile. Through creating your profile, you should consider things like what companies you want to work for, jobs that you are qualified for, where job openings are, how to apply, and how to proveContinue reading “Creating a LinkedIn Profile”

How to Market Your Brand on Facebook

Facebook advertising is helpful when you are launching a product, selling a product or simply growing your brand. It is a good tool to use but it must be in alignment with your business’s goals. Megan Adams, a social media strategist and viral marketer, goes over how you can create a successful ad campaign onContinue reading “How to Market Your Brand on Facebook”

Ian Lurie’s Idea of a Marketing Copy

Overview of Marketing Copy Ian Lurie’s course titled “Learning to Write a Marketing Copy” contains many key points that you can use to market your brand or product. Lurie is the CEO of Portent, a digital marketing agency. His course is extremely helpful if you are looking for tips on marketing. For Lurie, good copywritingContinue reading “Ian Lurie’s Idea of a Marketing Copy”

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